Friday, August 31, 2007

AW Surveys!

With AWSurveys, you can make some easy fast cash!

Upon joining, theres a simple $6.00 welcome survey that takes barely any time at all. Additionally, you earn $1.25 for every referral that just joins!

There are many surveys to do, and they pay out from $1-$25! These are simple to do, and ask upon your opinion about certain websites.

There are monthly bonuses and contests to increase your earnings.

They payout by both check and Paypal, so be sure to check it out!

AWSurveys, join now!

Friday, August 3, 2007

Selling small E-Gold amounts for Paypal

I am doing an exchange offer for those of you that come to my blog:

I am selling about 30-50 dollars for 1.5x the amount in Paypal(45-75).

You will go first, and we will both agree to the file cancel and claim unauthroized transaction so that you cannot charge back your money.

If you wish to look, I have an ebay auction going on if you wish it to be more secure.

Please pm if you want more information, or you want to initiate and confirm a transaction with me.

Friday, July 27, 2007

Fake IceGold Website Exchanger!

It has come to my attention that is a fake:

The domain location is from California - Sunnyvale and was created on July 17th, 2007 whereas the real icegold( is from Estonia, Tallinn and created a few years back.

IceGold is widely used, and there are many fake ads and banners supporting, so beware.

Remember, is FAKE, is REAL.

Thursday, July 26, 2007

New SwiftMoneySurf Updates

SwiftMoneySurf(SMS) continues to be a paying autosurf. It contains many extra features, such as a paid to blog, paid to post on a forum, and free webhosting in addition to its legitimate investment programs.

New sites, new structure.
We are doing support and payouts from 8am until 6pm - 9pm each night. It is becoming increasingly difficult to even go and say hi at the forums much less have a life..
To make life easier for us and members, we are going to structure the cashouts in a manageable system.
SwiftMoneySurf - Cashouts requests allowed every Monday when balance is over $5.00- 5 business days (paid the following Monday) NO cashout fees.
SwiftIncomeSurf - Cashouts requests allowed every Wednesday when balance is over $5.00- 5 business days (paid the following Wednesday) NO cashout fees.
SwiftEarningSurf - Cashouts requests allowed every Friday when balance is over $5.00- 5 business days (paid the following Friday) NO cashout fees.
This allows us to have set payout days, allows members to receive multiple streams of cashouts on set days and alleviates the cashout fees.
Allowing us to manage each site with ease.
We should have all this in place by Friday.

Our free hosting offers have not been widely taken advantage of? If you would like free hosting just send SMS a support ticket asking for it. Its FREE!
Take care,

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Runescape Game Updates

Added changes to Pest Control in Runescape was made:

We've made some adjustments to the Pest Control minigame. The biggest change is to include the very heavily requested feature to have three different boats with three different level requirements. Boat 1 requires a combat level of 40+, boat 2 requires a combat level of 70+ and boat 3 requires a combat level of 100+.

Now, this change makes a big impact on the game, so we've had to put a lot of thought into rebalancing other areas accordingly. We needed to make sure each boat provides a game which is correctly balanced for its level requirements. This means that in each boat we needed to determine such things as monster levels, Pest Control points given per game, experience given per Pest Control point, and make a change to the way killing portals works.

If you are interested in what these changes are and our decision process in coming to them, then this is detailed in the bottom section of this news story.

We have added an intermediate points-for-experience deal. Before, you could only trade in points for experience in batches of 1 or 100. You can now also trade 10 points for experience which will give you a 1% experience bonus.

We've slightly increased the stats of the Void Knight armour.

We've made some new things to buy with your Pest Control points, too. We've released 3 new helmets. One is for rangers, one is for mages and one is for meleers. When a helmet is worn with the top, robe and gloves you will receive a set bonus appropriate for the corresponding character class. You don't need to wield the mace to receive the set bonus. The player owned house costume room will store the new helmets.

Another new item to spend points on is the Void Knight seal, an item specifically for helping you in the Pest Control game. The seal has 8 charges and will deal 8-12 damage to all adjacent monsters. This can only be used within Pest Control, and it does not contribute towards the minimum 50 damage needed to earn points.

The squire now has a right-click "quick leave" option so you can now leave the island even when under attack.

Additionally, there were graphic updates made to certain monsters and effects.

Saturday, July 7, 2007

E-Commerce Investment Forums

As mentioned before, monitors should not be your one way guide to investing in investment programs like hyips or autosurfs.

Forums are a more accurate way of measuring the success the legitimacy of the investment program becuase more actual results from real investors like yourself are posted onto it. However, there are cheerleaders that will post fake "good" results, but usually if a program is successful, the cheerleaders "good" results won't even matter. is a very successful and extremely active investment program forum that has many discussions and posts. is another forum with an additional catch: you get paid to post along with a referral program!

Friday, July 6, 2007

E-Commerce Monitors - The Real Truth

E-Commerce Monitors are different independent businesses that follow and invest into a program. They show whether that investment program is working or not, and how great it is. Most people follow hyip or autosurf monitors as their investment guide into the programs. People do not realize the real danger of following these, and the easy exploitation of the monitors.

All the investment programs have to do is pay the monitors. The investors see that the monitor is paying, and then the investors will invest into the program. The investors do not get paid, yet the monitor still does. Why? To ensure that more investors continuing investing into the scamming investment program.

Watch out for monitors and make sure you have other reliable sources of information on legitimacy.